Wixter Seafood Small Mussels in Pickle Sauce - Case of 15

One case of 15 ready to eat, 3.9 ounce tins of cooked Mussel meat in pickle sauce.

Harvested from the salty estuaries of the Galician coast, Wixter’s Small Mussels in Pickled Sauce are hand packed in a smoky sauce made from oils, vinegar, and spices. Rich in B Vitamins and essential minerals, these mussels are a healthy and extremely sustainable source of protein. Try these plump, tender delicacies atop freshly toasted bread for a delightful crostini, right out of the tin with a squeeze of lemon, or as part of a celebratory frutti di mare feast.


WhAT IS traceability?

Traceability is the ability to fully trace a product from the point of sale back to its point of origin, with information available about all transactions and movements in between. It is vital for food safety, to prove legality and to verify sustainability. 

The traceability of Wixter Seafood is unmatched in the industry as you can see below! The traceability of every piece of seafood Wixter provides is printed right on the packaging! 



We want you to feel good about your purchase. Every Wixter Seafood product sold is carefully vetted by our experienced procurement team and meets each of these requirements: